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Delivering training and information about Digital Photography & Photographic Techniques to rural and outback clients in eastern Australia

The Travelling School of Photography offers photographic 'how-to' training to rural and outback communities, camera shops and pharmacies with a photo kiosk to provide those people & businesses with accurate knowledge and information.  These workshops are conducted at no cost to the hosting business, and 99% of the time, nor is there any fees or charges made of a sponsor for our travel expenses to come to you.(1)

The Travelling School of Photography also offers photographic 'how-to' training to rural and outback people on farms including small groups of like-minded people who get together socially to enjoy their photography.  As above - these workshops are conducted at no cost to the hosting group or farm.

Bio for Phil Jones -
Phil Jones has had a life-long interest in photography. Since the early 1960s he has much experience in Camera Clubs in both Melbourne and Canberra, and has exhibited his work at both local & National Exhibition levels. Phil has also held personal exhibitions showing his travels through outback Australia.

Phil has been an adult-education lecturer(2) since the mid 70s while developing a number of course streams for use in colleges around Canberra. During his years at the Canberra College, Phil on 3 or 4 occasions was nominated for the ACT Government award for 'best adult education trainer'.

The Learn Digital Photography courses he now offers are based on several of the courses he has conducted at the adult education campus of the Canberra College (A.C.T.) for the past few years.

(1) to conduct our workshops as efficiently as we can, we establish a travelling schedule for the 6 + months of the year that we're on the road and work in with your timetable as much as possible. If you requred a dedicated journey that will interrupt our regular travel schedule, we may need to arrange a 'fuel-surcharge' to cover the extra travel expense. Our motorhome is fully self-contained and we place no accommodation expenses onto the host.

(2) courses comprised "I.T. for the office & small business"; "Photographic Techniques for keen photographers [beginner & advanced]", and "Travelling for Grey Nomads".  During the decade before his retirement in 2006, Phil had over 2000 adults through his various classes, with an overall end-of-course retention rate of 98%

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