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The Travelling School of Photography "Weekend Workshops" are run in conjunction with selected camera shops in regional areas of eastern Australia, and/or camera clubs, photography social groups, farms - cattle stations - cotton farms etc.  Each Weekend Workshop goes for 2-1/2 days and runs from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon ~ although participants can come to some or all of any workshop. 

There are several workshops available ...

The base Level-1 covers much of the techno-stuff in camera controls, for fixed-lens cameras & for dSLR cameras, and has lots of 'how-to' topics. People with smart phones & tablets will find most of the information provided is applicable to them, but obviously some traditional camera operations are not available on these devices.  The Level-1 workshop also has 1-day of Photo editing using Photoshop Elements, and it does not matter what sort of a digital camera was use to create the images.

Level-2 is aimed at people with traditional cameras with a full set of camera controls.  It is totally practical with very little reference to the 'how-to' use of basic camera controls - students are expected to be conversant with all the camera's menus & operations.  The Level-2 workshop contains a small amount of photo editing mostly associated with the portraiture exercises we do

Other workshops are a 1-day "Image editing with Photoshop Elements", and a 2-day Combo workshop covering landscape & portraiture work, with or without photo editing as determined by the client.

Students with a camera which has some manual controls will best enjoy the Level-2 workshop, but all students are equal here as we are engaged in 'photography' not 'camera'.  Students DO NOT need an expensive, interchangeable-lens dSLR camera although if you have one, or an 'ultra-zoom' fixed-lens digital compact with some manual controls, you will discover lots of tricks about its use.

The Photoshop Elements workshop takes participants through a series of well-defined exercises, following the supplied guide book.
The Portraiture Workshop uses both continuous lighting and flash / slave-flash operations

Note- As mentioned elsewhere, Phil Jones & Alayne Russell travel in a mid-sized motorhome.  All our workshops are conducted at no cost to the host or hosting business, nor are there any fees or charges made of a sponsor for our travel expenses to come to you**.

To conduct our workshops as efficiently as we can, we establish a travelling schedule for the 6 + months of the year that we're on the road and work in with your timetable as much as possible.
** - If you requre a dedicated journey that will thow out our regular travel schedule, we may need to arrange a small 'fuel-surcharge' to cover the extra travel expense.

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