Student Comments, most recent workshops

Good fun and well worth the money. 
Dianne, Tully QLD
Everything was good – if you like taking photos, do this workshop. 
Francesca, Tully QLD

An engaging & hands on experience, I learned a lot following theory & practice.  Phil is extremely knowledgeable. [anon]
Awesome.  Loved it. [anon]

Very informative workshop with friendly instructors. 
Melanie, Tenterfield NSW
A very informative and enjoyable weekend, and a great way to get further into your photography. 
Di, Tenterfield NSW

The workshop provided me with the confidence to understand my experiments.  I learn best by doing, then show & tell – the workshop delivered this. Wendy, Tenterfield NSW
Great for beginners and more experienced photographers.  It covers all aspects from using cameras and their features as well as editing photos. 
Kerri, Tenterfield  NSW

Was really happy with all we covered – would like more after-dark night photography. 
Jan  Tenterfield  NSW
This workshop was both amazing & interesting and well worth the time and effort.  I can't wait to work it all by myself once I get home. 
Susan  Tenterfield  NSW

Needed lots more time – but there's always the next workshop! 
Stephanie, Charters Towers QLD
The best photography workshop I have been to – everything was explained in a simple method for students to apply I practice. 
Barb, Charters Towers QLD

This has inspired me to get back into photography.  Fantastic hints and tips – I highly recommend it. 
Elissa, Charters Towers QLD


Student Comments, 2013 Workshops

September 2013
> A fantastic workshop and definitely worth doing. Challenging and fun and a great way to meet other keen photographers.  Emily, Innisfail QLD
> A great practical introduction to techniques to improve the types of photographs you can take using manual and programmed SLR features.  Ben, Innisfail QLD
> This Level-2 workshop was great & I learned heaps. I am frequently flipping through the books supplied.  Joanne, Innisfail QLD
> The Level-2 workshop modules are well prepared and practical. Thanks for a workshop where you listen to & answer our questions.  Glenn, Tenterfield NSW
> The presenters are excellent. Genuinely interested in people's photo journey. A wide variety of different techniques were covered.  Karen, Tenterfield NSW

August 2013
> Level-2 is a great workshop that gives you an insight into how to do lots of things. I loved the after-dark work and star trails.  Natalie, Charters Towers QLD
> A good and really interesting workshop and I learned lots.  Phil was willing to answer any questions we asked.  Diane, Charters Towers QLD
> If you are into photography I suggest you do this workshop. I got a lot out of it and the handbooks are second-to-none: excellent step to step guides.  Karlene, Mareeba QLD
> The Level-1 workshop is a very good basic photography workshop explained in simple terms.  The instructors were happy to spend one-on-one time with any individual.  Beth, Mareeba QLD

July 2013
> An excellent introduction to manual photography and the workshop was worth every cent.  Ken, Barcaldine QLD
> This workshop has been the best by far, taught in a down-to-earth manner and easy to understand. Eve, Barcaldine QLD
> I received loads of information & got so much out of the 2-1/2 days. I can't wait to go out and take some awesome photos.  Sheena, Buckland Road Photo Group, Tambo QLD
> It was a fun weekend with great explanations to understand everything.  Sara, Buckland Road Photo Group, Tambo QLD
> It was easy to understand, informal and relaxed.  Kim, Sapphire QLD
> It's a big world of pixels to tame – learning how is the fun part.  Chris, Sapphire QLD

June 2013
> There is a lot packed into the weekend – you give us your 110% while also being very flexible, which is appreciated. I especially loved the night excursion.  Jennie, > Tambo QLD
> This is the best workshop I have attended in years – it was money well spent and good value.  Yvonne, Tambo QLD
> The photo manipulation & editing was great to understand and I will make good use of the training manual later on.  Lynne, Tambo QLD
> An intensive, comprehensive course backed up with relevant practical exercises and a great workbook.  Chris, Rolleston QLD

May 2013
> I couldn't believe my camera could do so much – this really is a most informative 2-day workshop.  Student, Springsure QLD
> A fantastic course for anyone with a camera.  I came away with a much deeper understanding of digital photography. Elissa, Charters Towers QLD
> This weekend workshop is the one-stop-shop that you need to learn about your camera and how to take great photos.  Jodie H, Charters Towers, QLD
> A very descriptive & interesting course that also gives you a thorough overview of all the topics covered.  I learned a lot – it's a very good workshop. Sean, Charters Towers QLD

April 2013
> This course has been very well designed and prepared and it has been full on learning all weekend. Neil, Tenterfield NSW
> Phil & Alayne are very patient and helpful: the notes match the instructions so we can work at our own comfortable pace at the workshop & later at home.  Glenn, Tenterfield NSW
> It was a terrific introduction to digital photography & manipulation of images for me, as I have little experience. The take home manuals are extremely well written.  Karen, Tenterfield NSW
> A great workshop with easy to understand content, broken down into layman's terms.  The small group size gave us personalised attention.  Nikola, Chinchilla QLD

Student Comments, 2012 workshops

September 2012

> The course was a lot to take in and very informative. I certainly recommend it to others, Student, Tenterfield NSW

> I'm very glad that I did the course. Well worth the money and far better than the internet or other books that never get used. Alayne & Phil had plenty of time for questions, and nothing was ever “silly”. Student, Tenterfield NSW

> I really enjoyed the weekend and now I will get a lot of pleasure out of photography. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. Phyllis, Tenterfield NSW

August 2012

> The workshop covers a broad range of photographic adjustments, improvements & enhancements, and is a good springboard to build on. Lester, Texas Qld

> It was really excellent and the small numbers really suited me. Chris, Texas Qld

> Fantastic – I learned more than I was expecting, Amber, Wandoan, Qld

> I learned a lot about parts of the camera that I had never used before. The photo editing day gave me everything I was after and the exercises and workbook are great. Student, Wandoan Qld

> A really great learning experience and very hands on. I would have loved an extra day if that had been possible! Kaye, Wandoan Qld

> The Level-2 workshop is 10/10 and well worth doing! Amelia, Dalby Qld

> This workshop is not to be missed - it's great value with wonderful tutors. I had a lot of fun and learned a great deal. I love the fact that everything is in the books to take home. Bernadette, Dalby Qld

July 2012

> I now have a hobby – Thank You!! - I have learned so much... Carol, Tresswell Qld

> It was a wonderful weekend. Phil & Alayne did an amazing job at catering for the individual as well as the group. Phil is a very good teacher. Alison, Tresswell Qld

> The weekend was a great opportunity to take photos in many situations, ask questions and learn new aspects of photography and photo editing. I loved it. Raelene, Clermont Qld

> The Friday night excursion gave lots of photographic information, even for the beginner. Last year I did the Level-1 and this year I had tom come back to do more. Greg, Clermont Qld

June 2012

> A fantastic weekend. I was challenged with using my camera and I loved learning lots about photo editing. Emily, Innisfail Qld

> It was fantastic & definitely worth doing. Phil & Alayne were both really helpful. The course was well explained and easy to understand. Emma, Innisfail Qld

> The workshop is definitely worth doing – you will learn a lot. Thank you so much Phil & Alayne. Robynne, Innisfail Qld

> I really enjoyed the course. The content was perfect for the inexperienced photographer. Phil explains things in an easy to understand manner & encouraged all students to ask lots of questions. Erica, Charters Towers Qld

> This is a fantastic workshop to attend. Attending this workshop has rekindled my love for photography. Natalie, Charters Towers Qld

> Very good instruction on how to use a digital SLR or Compact camera. Sue, Charters Towers Qld

May 2012

> Extremely practical for all participants and especially the way Phil makes everything easy for everyone to understand what is being taught. Kathy, Lochington Qld

> A very worthwhile adventure into the world of digital photography from an exceptional two people. Informative, comprehensive and to be recommended to all. Annie, Lochington Qld

April 2012

> The workshop was well organised with very practical information and feedback. Photo evaluation sessions were extremely helpful and not judgemental. Andrew, Chinchilla Qld

> The workshop was most informative. I learned how to use all the buttons & whistles on my camera – something I have wanted to do ever since buying my SLR. Julie, Chinchilla Qld

> Excellent – not to be missed. Very user friendly – I really enjoyed the workshop and gained a great deal. Bernie, Dalby Qld

> In a word “Brilliant”. If you like taking photos, take the time to learn to do them better from people who are great teachers and great photographers. Jilly, Dalby Qld

Student Comments, 2011 Workshops

August 2011

This is one of the best courses I have attended in my private or professional life. It was very well structured, with excellent practical sessions to cement theory, and covered everything I needed to be able to take better photos. Thanks Phil & Alayne … Helen, Narrabri NSW

Very thorough & well organised. I learned a huge amount. Great teacher with a great supportive off-sider. I'm looking forward to the next course … Fiona, Narrabri NSW

The small student group was ideal – your questions were answered. Not once did I feel under pressure as everything was explained or demonstrated with precision and clarity. Now I just need to put it into practice … Lisa, Texas Qld

The workshop is an amazing opportunity, loads of fantastic information on a large range of topics which was easy to understand and put into practice … Caitlin, Texas Qld

It was a full-on camera course with plenty of hands-on experiences & down-to-earth explanations … Michelle, Lochington Qld

It was fantastic to learn the basics of camera functions … Carmel, Lochington Qld

July 2011

Very well done – the instructors very helpful & approachable. They wanted to help you get the photos you wanted, and wanted you to ask questions. I learned more from them both about cameras than all the instruction books combined. … Monica, Longreach Qld

Good, very interesting & informative, very friendly instructors and a great start to photography … Bobbie, Longreach Qld

June 2011

A sensational workshop which will allow me to get the most out of my camera. A really valuable workshop to do, which I would thoroughly recommend to everyone … Brigitte, Innisfail Qld

This course was fantastic – I can now look at photography magazines and understand what I am seeing. I feel more confident using my camera on manual settings – it was well done and well worth doing the course … Kirsty, Innisfail Qld

A fantastic experience that is definitely worth while. Suitable for any age group and it really helps out with any photographic troubles … Micaela, Innisfail Qld

The workshop was really comprehensive, lots of information and instruction. Phil is a really patient and competent instructor and was interesting & entertaining. I felt that I learned enough to succeed … Diane, Innisfail Qld

Just brilliant – wish I'd done it years ago – the workshop is informative & friendly with a structured program, Karen, Clermont Qld

The course is perfect for a beginner photographer to get to know their camera & for taking better shots. The information was easy to understand and the course as a whole was a lot of fun – I can't wait to do Level-2 … Bianca, Clermont Qld

The workshop has made me feel more confident and more at ease with my cameras & lenses. Phil's down-to-earth instruction has facilitated for me, a level of understanding that other previous attempts have failed to achieve … Jennie, Clermont Qld

Well worth the time – nor only do you learn about your camera, you learn about lighting & positioning, and image editing & manipulation – it was awesome … Danny, Clermont Qld

Very educational, it was great for me having bought an SLR camera & having little idea on how to use it. Phil has definitely cleared up a lot of issues that I had … Caragh, Clermont Qld

We got to know our cameras & learned how to take nice photos on different settings ... Georgia (aged 12), Blackwater Qld

Very friendly, informative & educational workshop, students are made to feel that we can do anything ... Dianne, Blackwater Qld

A great course that covers the basics of photography - & a great place to start … Kathy, Blackwater Qld

A great workshop for general camera knowledge in a fun & casual environment, run by someone with an extensive background and knowledge in photography … Tearah, Blackwater Qld

May 2011

The workshop is very informative – you will come away feeling enthused about what you can do with your camera & and indeed take great & exceptional photos … Nev, Dalby Qld

A very practical workshop with a good pace throughout, with Phil not worried about questions at any time. I would definitely recommend others do do it … Scott, Dalby Qld

I learned good practical tips for using my camera & taking better photos. I should have done this course four years ago when I had just got my camera … (student), Dalby Qld

The workshop really reiterated the photography basics I learned many years ago. It has inspired me to transition from auto mode to play with all of the functions available to me. I now have more confidence in my camera and my abilities … Gwen, Stanthorpe Qld

As a beginner this was perfect in content & pace. I learned so much about my camera & I am now able to take much better photos and use my camera to its full potential – thanks Phil & Alayne … Kate, Stanthorpe Qld

A wonderful workshop – wow!. With tolerant, patient, understanding, knowledgeable teacher who cares that you leave with much more knowledge than when you started. Anyone interested in photography should not miss this course … Karol, Stanthorpe Qld

April 2011

Very useful, great information to get more out of my camera. It gave me a better understanding of what goes on when I press the shutter button … Kellie, Mungindi NSW

Fantastic for beginners like myself and learning how to use my camera to the best of its ability … Deb, Mungindi NSW

I found the instruction as good as 1-on-1 and very informative. So many aspects were covered over the weekend it was great … Kristine, Mungindi NSW

March 2011

A very constructive & helpful workshop without becoming boring or uninteresting. I have been to other photo courses but this one I have found very interesting and I have learned a lot from it … Hope, Gunnedah NSW

This workshop was all about how best to use my digital camera so that I can happily have my photos on display on the wall or album. Best course ever!! … Louise, Gunnedah NSW

A very beneficial workshop as it gets into the nuts & bolts of your camera and how to get the most out of it so to produce better images … Pat, Gunnedah NSW

Very useful & practical information – you will know more about using your camera than before you did the workshop … Ross, Gunnedah NSW



Student Comments 2010

"The course is very well worth doing! I appreciated the extra help on the excursions, and the photo editing unit was quite amazing. I also enjoyed the opportunity to handle and use other cameras than mine and get a better idea of my future needs." ~ Lynn Smith, Goondiwindi NSW


"The course contains everything you need to know about taking photos and using camera controls.  Phil is an excellent instructor." ~ Peter Smith, Goondiwindi NSW

"I found it a good balance between theory and practical. During the excursions I was able to apply the theory from each day meaning that I remember more of the theory." ~ Cath, Hallidays Point NSW

"The course was very informative, Phil is a great teacher and he explains everything in easy to understand terms. I learned heaps about my camera that I never knew existed and the information I learned over the weekend I will use in years to come." ~ Rebecca, Innisfail Qld

"If you love taking photos and want to know more, this is the course for you.  If you want to make your treasured memories have that 'wow' factor, you need this course." ~ A Dunne, Innisfail Qld

"Phil's approach to photography is very engaging.  The whole workshop was very informative and it has made me feel that I have gained more knowledge and more confidence to take much better photos." ~ Lucy, Innisfail Qld

"Excellent learning in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with easy to follow explanations about complex matters." ~ Glynis Watson, Innisfail Qld

"A great weekend learning about photography, learning about techniques and tricks in creating better photos.  Thank You." ~ S Coleman, Innisfail Qld

"It was really interesting and informative.  Phil is an excellent teacher and explained things in simple language.  The course covers all the basic uses of all the different camera settings." ~ Judy, Innisfail Qld

"A very practical, hands on workshop experience, interspersed with appropriate levels of instruction." ~ Peter Stopford, Innisfail Qld

"It was well worth the time and expense, and really nice to have an instructor who had the ability to impart the knowledge in an easy to ingest manner.  I recommend this course to others". Fiona, Moranbah Qld

"The course is extremely well run and very informative.  The information was fantastic and if you had any problems, Phil would explain it until you were satisfied with the answer". 'Student', Emerald Qld

"The workshop was awesome! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about my camera in just one weekend.  Also how to get better photos.  Thank you very much". Lynne, Emerald Qld

"The course was really interesting and I learned a lot.  I would recommend it to everyone". Hannah, Narrabri NSW

"A very interesting weekend workshop and definitely worth while".  Marsella, Narrabri NSW

"A great intro for someone who knows little about photography".  Grahame Herbert, Narrabri NSW

"I learned heaps! From ISO settings to selective focus & depth-of-field to easy image editing which was really good stuff.  Putting your name onto the memory card in case you lose it was unexpected and doing some Photoshop editing was the best for me".  John Turner, Narrabri NSW

"It was fantastic - I finally understand all the settings outside the 'green-mode'.  The manual is very helpful too, with lots of great detail.  Thanks for a great weekend! "  Dianne, Narrabri NSW

Student comments from 2009, 2008 available on request

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