As mentioned elsewhere, Phil Jones & Alayne Russell as the Travelling School of Photography travel in a mid-sized motorhome around eastern Australia between March and October each year, offering workshops in all sorts of country towns, small villages and farms.  We carry with us all the stuff we need to run the workshop.  

Our workshops are conducted at no cost to the host or hosting business, nor are there any fees or charges made of a sponsor for our travel expenses to come to you.**

Workshops conducted in country towns are done [as much as possible] in conjunction with the local camera shop or photo store &/or camera club.  These workshops are small, personal affairs with between 6 and 12 people attending - this way, everyone gets individual attention from the tutors; often 1 on 1 is available too.  Workshops are conducted over a 2-1/2 day weekend ... Friday night + Saturday + Sunday, about 20 hours in all. Students can choose to attend for any of the Camera Handling module -or- the Photo editing module or the whole workshop.

Workshops conducted in small villages and farms are done with the help of a local person who becomes the focal point for organising much of the 'behind-the-scenes' stuff.  Nothing difficult, just a bit of time.  

Workshops run on a farm are small intimate sessions with between 5 & 8 people attending; they can be weekend or mid-week and can be 1-day or 2-day.   All include an evening session.  Sometimes the workshop runs from 5pm on day-1 to 4pm on day-2, sometimes it runs from lunchtime to lunchtime ... thus we get a campfire as well - apart from the fun of the campfire, we get flash photo work also

For anybody wishing to host a workshop, what we need on-site is [and it could well be covered by using the local CWA hall]
a) a room the size of a 'good' lounge room, large enough for all of us to sit at one or more tables, with our cameras & lenses & flashguns etc, and training manuals etc littering the area.  The room needs to be large enough for us to set up our projector & screen &/or 1/2-dozen cameras on tripods for our exercises etc
b) access to hot water for a cuppa
c) toilets etc close by
d) somewhere for students to sleep overnight - they will need their own swags
ps: some arrangement for light meals will need to be made with the host as well

If you would like more information, &/or to chat with us regarding a future workshop close by, or in your back yard, please email us at "info@philjones.com.au" and we'll get back to you ...
** to conduct our workshops as efficiently as we can, we establish a travelling schedule for the 6 + months of the year that we're on the road and work in with your timetable as much as possible. If you requred a dedicated journey that will thow out our regular travel schedule, we may need to include a 'fuel-surcharge' to cover the extra travel expense. As mentioned above, our motorhome is fully self-contained and we place no accommodation expenses onto the host.
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